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  • Molecular Pharmaceuticsに論文が掲載されました。(小野薬品工業との共同研究:AGPのエステラーゼ様活性の種差について)


Molecular Pharmaceuticsに論文が掲載されました。(小野薬品工業との共同研究:AGPのエステラーゼ様活性の種差について)


Species Difference in Hydrolysis of an Ester-type Prodrug of Levodopa in Human and Animal Plasma: Different Contributions of Alpha-1 Acid Glycoprotein

Kono K, Nunoya KI, Nakamura Y, Bi J, Mukunoki A, Takeo T, Nakagata N, Hitoshi M, Yamaura Y, Imawaka H, Watanabe H, Maruyama T.


Previously, we found that ONO-2160, an ester-type prodrug of levodopa (3-hydroxy-l-tyrosine), was mainly hydrolyzed in human plasma by α1-acid glycoprotein (AGP) with a partial contribution of albumin. In this study, we investigated whether ONO-2160 was hydrolyzed in the plasma of preclinical species (dog, rabbit, rat, and mouse) and humans and whether AGP and albumin are involved in its hydrolysis. ONO-2160 was hydrolyzed to some extent in the plasma of all tested species with the order of magnitude mouse > human > rabbit > rat > dog. Except for dogs, ONO-2160 was partially hydrolyzed by animal AGP and albumin. This indicated that, similar to albumin, AGP possesses esterase-like activity in mice, rats, and rabbits, as well as humans. A comparison of the values of intrinsic clearance per milliliter of plasma demonstrated that AGP was the major contributor to the hydrolysis of ONO-2160 in rabbit plasma, whereas albumin was primarily responsible for the hydrolysis of ONO-2160 in mouse plasma. This was confirmed by experiments using AGP-knockout mouse plasma. This study reports the first evidence for the existence of species differences in the hydrolysis of ONO-2160 in plasma related to the different contributions of AGP and albumin.