• Guidelines for Abstract/Oral/Poster

Guidelines for Abstract/Oral/Poster

Abstract Submission

Please prepare your abstract using the template provided on this page and submit the abstract to the Conference Secretariat (8acc@kumamoto-u.ac.jp) by 1st March
14 March 2015.

Please use the subject name of the email as Abs-8acc-your last name or Abs-32CDsympo-your last name to help us identify your abstract easily.

Oral Presentation

Presentation time at 8th ACC (including discussion time):
40 min for Keynote, 30 min for Educational Lecture, 30 min for Invited Speakers, 20 min for Special Session (Invited person), 15 min for Young Scientist Session (Invited person), and 40 min for Luncheon seminar (Invited person).
Presentation time at 32th CD symposium (including discussion time):
30 min for Special Session (Invited person), and 15 min for general oral presentation.

It is recommended to use a PowerPoint presentation in Microsoft Office 2013.
If you use Macintosh for your presentation, please use your own PC.

Please report your arrival and submit your slides/presentations at the reception desk at least 60 min prior to the beginning of each session. First presentation of morning session should submit the slides the day before presentation. The speakers, who would like to use their own computers, please bring your computer to check the connection and presentation slides as early as possible.

Poster Preparation

Please let us know which poster presentation you will apply in 8thACC or 32th CD symposium (for Japanese member). In 32th CD symposium, a poster must be prepared in English, but the discussion can be carried out in Japanese.
The maximum size allocated for each poster is 110 cm wide by 170 cm high.

8thACC/32thCDS Organizing Committee

Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Kumamoto University
5-1, Oe-honmachi, Chuo-ku, Kumamoto 862-0973, Japan
Tel:+81-96-371-4160 (4161, 4168)
E-mail: 8acc@kumamoto-u.ac.jp