• Medicinal Plant Garden Map

Medicinal Plant Garden Map

  • 伝統薬基原植物区
  • 温室
  • ワイルドローズ区
  • 水生植物区
  • 常緑薬木区-1
  • 落葉樹木区
  • 有用植物区
  • 薬用果樹区
  • イチョウ並木
  • 常緑薬木区-2
  • Water Lily Pond
  • 楠木区
  • Originally from Banjien, Tomitaro Makino Related Plant Zone
  • 中央展示区
  • 緑の路
  • Experiment fields and the Backyard
  • Research Management Building
  • East Gate Entrance
  • 薬専区(北門入口)
  • Miyamoto Memorial Hall
  • 正門入口

Garden Interior and Medicinal Herb Map

Over 1000 species of plants are bred throughout the university campus and gardens, each zone is dedicated to the preservation and management of different types of plants. This section describes each area's special characteristics and representative plant species.

*Each area can be viewed by clicking it on the map.