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The History of the Medicinal Plant Garden

The Medicinal Plant Garden in the School of Pharmacy Oe Campus was opened in 1927 as the Kumamoto Governmental College of Pharmacy, the predecessor to the current School of Pharmacy. Today, its area has increased to approximately 7,000 m2, and approximately 1300 varieties of plants are cultivated in the medicinal specimen garden and arboretum. The specimen garden contains many plants which are used in the pharmacy of the Department of Medicinal Plants and is teeming with many indigenous, sub-tropical plants of the Kyushu region. In addition, historically valuable medicinal trees that date back to the days of the Banjien garden of the former Hosokawa Clan are viewable among the plants on display, such as the Koelreuteria paniculata, Lindera strychnifolia, Corni fructus, Crataegus cuneata, and Vitex cannabifolia.


In April 1, 2010, the Medicinal Plant Garden was reenvisioned as the Eco-Frontier Center of Medicinal Resources. After beginning my post as Center Director in April 1, 2015, I have worked to sculpt its function into one closer to an agricultural department. As part of this functional improvement, the center is moving towards an organization in which it can engage in the research of plants as a strategic resource, and the Center has also started holding courses about the development of functional food products. Furthermore, as an application for coordinated agro-industrial and medical research, the Center is conducting research in cultivation area evaluation, elucidation of the bioactive substances in useful and medicinal plants, preservation of plant-based genetic materials, and soil analysis of the indigenous areas of plants (including chemical, physical, and biological evaluations), as well as research regarding the effects of climate change on plants on a global scale.

List of Successive Garden Directors

Successive Garden DirectorsDirector NameTerm of ServiceAffiliated Laboratories
Founding Director (Multiple Positions) Prof. Nobuyoshi Murakami August, 1974
- October, 1979
Department of Pharmacognology
(Acting director, multiple positions) Prof. Yoshitoshi Kase November, 1979
- May, 1980
Dean of School of Pharmacy
Second Director (Multiple Positions) Prof. Nobuyoshi Murakami June, 1980
- March, 1983
Department of Pharmacognology
Third Director (Multiple Positions) Prof. Yukiho Yukiho April, 1983
- July, 1983
Dean of School of Pharmacy
Fourth Director (Multiple Positions) Prof. Toshihiro Nohara August, 1983
- March 2003
Department of Pharmacognology
Fifth Director (First Center Director) Assoc prof. Shoji Yahara April, 2003
- March, 2010
Eco-Frontier Center of Medicinal Resources
Sixth Director (Second Center Director) Prof. Takashi Watanabe April, 2015 - Present Eco-Frontier Center of Medicinal Resources

Technicians who dedicate themselves to the advancement of the garden

  • Itsuo Hori
  • Koki Kitaoka
  • Noboru Ogata
  • Yukiko Miyashita
  • Yukio Honda
  • Ryusuke Oka
  • Hozumi Takai

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This Month's Medicinal Plant
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